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Workers Ready to Quit Over Poor Tech Experiences

July 07, 2022

Today’s workplace has changed dynamically even from just the last decade. Jobs that once didn’t require much tech know-how to complete, now include at least some kind of digital work. As we move into a more connected experience across the globe, the tools to connect and access information must also adapt. This hasn’t been the case for most workplaces however and employees are frustrated and tired of it.

According to new research from Ivanti, 49 percent of workers said they are annoyed with the tech provided to do their work and the experiences they have with it are not stellar. Twenty-six percent also said they are thinking about leaving their jobs because of it.

“The Everywhere Workplace has forever changed employee expectations when it comes to where they work, how they work, and what device they work on,” said Jeff Abbott, Ivanti CEO. “How employees interact with technology and their satisfaction with that experience directly relates to the success and value they deliver to the organization. The Digital Employee Experience should be a board level priority, and IT teams are poised to be strategic leaders in their organization to make it happen.”

Where much of the disconnect is happening is at the IT and C-Suite level.

According to Ivanti’s research, only 20 percent of the C-Suite have put a budget toward improving the digital employee experience, and only 21 percent of IT leaders prioritize end user experience when selecting new tools.

While both should be leaders in shaping efficiencies for workers - the C-Suite isn’t dedicating an appropriate budget for tech improvements and IT leaders are simply not thinking of end user experiences when getting new tech.

Ivanti offers Ivanti Neurons, an automation platform to discover, manage, secure, and service IT assets from cloud to edge. For its “State of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)” study, the company worked with global digital transformation experts and surveyed 10,000 office workers, IT professionals, and the C-Suite.

While many employees today are working from home, or doing a hybrid of both, and productivity increases have already been proven, CXOs still think their workers need to be back in the office to be productive. The disconnect here is leading to an overall decline in employee morale.

“In the war for talent a key differentiator for organizations is providing an exceptional and secure digital experience. We believe that organizations not prioritizing how their employees experience technology is a contributing factor for the Great Resignation.”

Many of the frustrations employees are facing with current tech include software that doesn’t work properly, overuse of chat and emails and no way to connect and collaborate seamlessly with coworkers.

With all of the innovations being offered today to transform workplaces and add digital capabilities it’s important for businesses and decision makers to pay attention. Taking the time to address and understand employee needs and wants will not only help improve experiences but can also attract new talent, reduce operational costs and drive profitability.

Edited by Erik Linask



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