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Time is Ltd. Adds Zoom Analytics for Better Meetings

May 31, 2022

You simply cannot talk about business meetings and collaboration post COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020, without also mentioned Zoom. The video conferencing platform became a household name across businesses and in homes to support workers communicating and collaborating from afar.

Time is Ltd is an employee experience and engagement SaaS platform that helps companies and teams analyze collaboration, meetings, instant messaging, emails, focus time, so they can create ideal working environments and measurable improvements in meeting culture. 

Now, Time is Ltd., has announced the introduction of Zoom Analytics on its platform. This will make it possible for organizations to optimize how workers can make use of Zoom for their needs.

With valuable insights about their meeting collaborations, businesses can easily see in data visualizations how efficient meetings are, if there is data overload and how it’s impacting the bottom line. The platform also features goals setting, KPIs and targets that companies can set to help improve their meeting culture for both in-person teams and virtual ones.

 “Most companies and teams face serious issues establishing a culture that isn’t overloaded with unproductive or inefficient meetings, and the repercussions range from daily frustration and meeting fatigue to revenue loss and plummeting employee retention rates,” said Jan Rezab, Founder and CEO at Time is Ltd.

Using the Time is Ltd. platform, companies can take a deeper look at just how much time employees, managers and others are spending on meetings and even gain insights into how effective those meetings are or if they are just productivity draining and then locate areas where improvements can be made. 

“By enhancing our Zoom Analytics offering, we’re providing organizations with powerful data that allows them to evaluate their current online and offline meeting culture, understand where they’re going wrong, and take action to improve meetings for their employees,” said Rezab.

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