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ASC's Recording Insights to Offer Compliance Recording

May 23, 2022

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

ASC Technologies AG, a provider of software and cloud solutions for omni-channel recording, quality management and analysis, announced the launch of its solution for Zoom, allowing users to legally record, analyze and archive their communication from Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone – as long as they follow appropriate regulations around call recording.

Zoom evolved into one of the more used collaboration tools worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Compliance breaches in 2020 saw 50 banks in the U.S. and Europe pay about €13 billion in compliance fines. ASC's cloud service Recording Insights will now allow Zoom users to profit from a secure and efficient recording solution for their audio, video and chat communications.

Recording Insights will use the dedicated Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone API to record communication. Communication data is transferred via an encrypted connection from the local Zoom backend and processed by Recording Insights in the respective region – Asia, Europe or the U.S. – in compliance with legal regulations.

"By integrating Recording Insights into Zoom, we offer all Zoom customers obliged to record their communication in a legally compliant way an easy and seamless solution of highest compliance standards as a cloud service," said Gerald Kromer, CEO of ASC Technologies. "Zoom users now have all functions of Recording Insights right at their fingertips."

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