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VoiceBoxer Version 4 for Multilingual Video Conferencing

May 13, 2022

There is no doubt of the lasting impact that video conferencing has had across the globe since the COVID-19 pandemic forced workplace shutdowns and social distancing. During a time when everyone was scrambling to maintain workplace productivity and make face to face communications possible, just about everyone jumped over to this technology as an answer.

The evolution of the technology continues - from more secure video connections, to better quality and more seamless integrations. Another advancement that’s taken communications borderless is multilingual web conferencing. These solutions use human-powered live interpreting technologies and stream real-time interpretation of live conferencing sessions for users. The impact is far reaching and more work is being done to make these experiences richer and even more intuitive.

Denmark-based VoiceBoxer, which provides solutions for the simultaneous interpretation delivery market, just announced the latest version of its platform, VoiceBoxer Version 4, to add even more requested and desirable features for online meetings.

Version 4 also focuses on growing their popularity with remote simultaneous interpreters working around the world and attracting more global clients looking for multilingual video conferencing and hybrid events.

Requested features like the ability to join an event via a link instead of needing an invitation have been included in the latest version and it’s standout new feature, Hybrid Event Integration with VoiceBoxer Mixer is now included to easily integrate DANTE – or on-site analog audio networks – to VoiceBoxer, so that every meeting can be easily hybridized.

The simultaneous interpretation and video conference platform offers live multilingual events that are easy to use and gives access so viewers and hosts can enjoy events no matter where they’re located or what language they speak. Offered for chat and presentations, this keeps participants engaged in their language of choice.

To make multilingual events easier to access and host, the latest version includes the ability for moderators to make changes to the visual experience of the event like moving between gallery and speaker views as well as the ability to create events with a template to save time and connect immediately. Upgraded video layouts and buttons offer an intuitive user experience and a new portal dashboard organized to make it easier to see the schedule of events for the day and access them quickly has been added.

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