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Zoom Adds Whiteboard Digital Canvas to Boost Remote Collaboration

April 21, 2022

For businesses across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the workforce. In addition to remote work and hybrid environments, there is a whole new standard in communications experiences for connecting teams.

Perhaps one of the most prominent technology providers to emerge in the space as the social distancing and shutdowns occurred was Zoom. The long established provider of video conferencing services was quickly picked up by teams of users who may have never used the technology or even worked from home before. From ease of use to scalability, its benefits were quickly realized. Now, two years after the start of the pandemic, businesses are continuing to expand with a global workforce and hybrid work environments and demand these tools.

To make this experience even more productive for businesses, Zoom has introduced Zoom Whiteboard, what the company is describing as a “modern digital canvas” to bring users a unified collaboration and creation platform to interact and create with.

Used within the Zoom platform, Whiteboard offers an area for notes and comments, adding images, shapes and connectors to draw with, and the ability to add up to 12 pages to the canvas. There is also an option to export and save. The web-based solution makes it effortless for users to collaborate whether they are using a web browser, tablet, desktop, or Zoom Rooms for Touch.

Company officials said there is an advanced whiteboarding option coming soon and Zoom Chat feature.

The idea is that the whiteboard will be just the same as colleagues being in a physical meeting room and working together as a team on idea creation and planning. The dashboard can easily be shared internally or externally with anyone who has a Zoom account.

Other uses for Zoom Whiteboard include the ability to easily present and teach with a visual display in real-time as well as an enhanced capability for meetings and workshops.

“Not only are we supporting customers as they adapt to this new phase of work, but we’re anticipating what comes next, and building platform solutions, like Zoom Whiteboard, to address it,” said Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer of Zoom. “Zoom Whiteboard is arming teams with the power of continuous communication in an easy-to-use solution that provides a virtual space to collaborate before, during, and after a meeting.”

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