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InspereX Turns to Avaya for Cloud Communications Overhaul

October 08, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Product distribution and trading firm InspereX revealed this week it is investing in Avaya Cloud Office by Ringcentral to transform internal and external business communications.

Like many businesses and enterprises over the last year, InspereX leaders have been focused on upgrading existing technical infrastructure to adapt to the new demands of customers and business associates. The finance sector often requires employees to regularly communicate with customers and colleagues in time sensitive situations, forcing businesses to have reliable, diverse communications access at all times.

Looking to increase functionality with a cost-effective approach, InspereX sought a holistic cloud system that could easily overhaul existing legacy infrastructure. By integrating Avaya Cloud Office, InspereX employees now have the ability to utilize phone services reliability from any location or mobile device. Employees also have full access to a number of conferencing tools, productivity enhancements, file sharing capabilities to support business activity from all angles.

“Financial services companies have unique communications and collaboration needs and there is a reason 90 percent of the world’s leading banks rely on Avaya solutions,” said Simon Harrison, SVP and CMO, Avaya. “For fintech organizations looking to leverage cloud in improving their customer and employee experiences, Avaya Cloud Office enables them to simplify how their business communicates, to improve service with an all-in-one app.”

“We especially liked the fact that people could use the solution on their mobile device with a range of ready-to-use apps that can be easily integrated,” added InspereX , IT Infrastructure Manager, Sergio Soto. “Employees can use Avaya Cloud Office on their mobile phones when on-the-go or using a softphone, a tablet, or a desktop phone. That has been a boon for employee productivity, no longer having to be tethered to a piece of hardware.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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