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ProConnect with WebEx Offers Collaboration Enhancements for Hybrid Economy

July 13, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Business communications solutions provider Consolidated Communications has announced the release of ProConnect with Webex, a new suite of tools integrated into the popular video conferencing platform to support the recent shift toward hybrid work environments.

The global economy is back in action after nearly 15 months of stale growth due to the pandemic. Though many aspects of our lives are shifting back to normal, certain changes in business culture that developed as a result of social distancing may be permanent fixtures for the long term. Developments in virtual collaboration tools have made it possible for many employees to work from almost any connected location, which has executives reconsidering the role of physical offices for maintaining a productive environment. 

ProConnect with Webex provides customers with reliable, secure, cloud-based collaboration tools that can be utilized through a single interface from any connected location. Customers will also be able to communicate securely thanks to enhanced security features, as well as the ability to seamlessly switch between devices mid-call to guarantee productivity from any location.

"Businesses of every size have seen the value of and benefits of their teams collaborating with tools that are easy to use," said Travis Graham, VP of Commercial Product for Consolidated. "ProConnect with Webex gives companies the advanced features they need to run their business without interruption. Teams can focus on their goals, rather than wasting time deciding which meeting platform to use. As companies continue to explore hybrid workforces, they need flexible solutions that work seamlessly through location and device transitions."

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