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Prodoscore Now Integrated with RingCentral Cloud Platform

February 04, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Prodoscore, a productivity intelligence/employee visibility software developer, has recently integrated its contact center solutions into RingCentral’s cloud-based platform, providing managers with a new set of tools to improve employee training and customer service relations.

Using RingCentrals open APIs, Prodoscore users will be able to access data and analytics that can help customer service agents make adjustments to their performance on a personal level. Businesses will be able to analyze employee metrics remotely using the cloud-based communications platform, so refinements can be made outside of the office. The software creates a single productivity score for the trainee, which managers can then use to determine the best methods of coaching and skill strengthening.

Leonard Cagno, Chief Marketing Officer at Marquis Who’s Who, commented on his experience with  Prodoscore’s integration for RingCentral:

“When we were able to visualize usage of RingCentral and connect that data to all our other cloud tools using Prodoscore, it really made things click for us. If team members weren’t using the RingCentral app the way that we expected, we could easily jump in to offer training; when managers were looking to better predict performance they could use trending data across teams as a reference point.”

Employee data can be abstracted from team messaging, video meetings, and its enterprise cloud phone system, allowing  managers to analyze virtually all methods of communication. The analytics can also help managers predict future performance using trending data.

“Our customers require seamless integration of technology to enhance their employees’ experience.” said Thomas Moran, Chief Strategy Officer at Protoscore, “Communication, collaboration and the right information at the right time are needed to ensure employees are engaged, productive, and reaching the highest levels of performance.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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