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DSC Delivers SMBs Remote Collaboration

April 07, 2020

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

One could say COVID-19 is redefining business continuity. Remote collaboration is not an optional undertaking during the coronavirus pandemic. For those already diving headfirst into digital transformation, great; but for those not quite there, service providers are here to help.

Data Storage Corporation (DSC) unveiled a new remote collaboration solution to lend support to small and business-sized businesses. The business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud solution provider promises a smooth transition to working from home.

In this time of great demand, DSC found that 20 percent of its existing clients require onsite personnel, 20 percent are investigating going virtual and 60 percent are in the midst of migrating serving as the seed for the new program. DSC will diligently explore infrastructure, pinpoint areas of need and deploy the appropriate technology.

Chuck Paolillo, CTO of Data Storage Corporation stated, “Remote collaboration has become a critical need for organizations of all sizes due to recent events and many companies are struggling to find a solution that will meet their needs. This new program features free consulting and migration services that will help small and medium businesses keep their staff engaged, allowing employees to work from anywhere. It also helps companies secure remote workers, their devices and data to guard businesses from cyber threats.”

As the remote workforce is the new norm, it is mission critical to see adoption of collaboration and communications systems capable of supporting the shift.

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