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Manhattan Associates and Twilio Step-up Customer Engagement for Retailers

January 15, 2020

In today’s customer-focused retail landscape it’s all about personalization. Shoppers want to know the items they’re seeking are custom-made to fit their needs.

To help deliver better, more personalized experiences for customers, Manhattan Associates recently teamed up with Twilio on a UC solution for retailers that makes it possible to engage with customers via the communications channels of their choice.

As part of the partnership, retailers will gain access to tools for better listening to customer’s needs with Manhattan Active Omni. This unified commerce platform is focused on helping retailers engage throughout a customer’s journey.

Together with Twilio’s cloud communications capabilities, it’s possible to connect with customers located anywhere and even empower store associates to do better with communicating, scheduling & tracking and even sharing lookbooks.

Customers have the choice to opt-in and can use text or email communications.

“Manhattan Active Omni has the potential to reinvent how companies engage with their customers,” said Ross Eberhart, VP, Industry ISVs at Twilio. “As a result of our partnership, retailers will be able to better listen to their customers, communicate with them via their preferred channels and act on the insights they’ve gathered through this interaction.”

Manhattan Associates Inc. recently conducted a survey with IHL Group that looked at the ways omnichannel fulfillment is helping profit margins. The results found a strong correlation between omnichannel fulfillment maturity and margins as retailers who are optimizing their digital customer journeys have reported seeing substantial improvements in their margins - up 3 to 8 points compared to those that haven’t optimized their processes.

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