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Hodusoft Adds Real-time Monitoring to Hosted PBX Software

October 31, 2019

Business VoIP solutions provider Hodusoft has announced the addition of new real-time monitoring functionality for its hosted IP PBX software offering.

According to company officials, this latest feature will help those who administer and manage hosted PBX solutions to stop unauthorized use, track activities as they happen and also find opportunities for improvement.

From carriers to startups, Hodusoft says its IP PBX offering comes with rich hosted features and excellent support that make it a leader in the industry.

“Now is as good a time as any time to recommend Hodusoft IP PBX to startups. It is hosted and modular which means startup entrepreneurs do not need to invest anything up front even as they enjoy enterprise level communication facility which includes audio-video chats,” said Hodusoft’s vice president in a statement.

“Existing businesses are welcome to switch to Hodusoft VoIP PBX. Service providers are welcome to add Hodusoft’s hosted multi-tenant PBX to their service bouquet and further monetize operations without heavy upfront capex. We take care of everything.”

With the real-time monitoring, it’s possible to track all activity down to individual subscribers and the offering also keeps call logs for inbound and outbound calls along with the numbers and duration. It can also keep track of tenants and subtenants levels so that no misuse of erroneous billing occurs.

Future updates to the real-time monitoring feature will include advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and tools to predict potential issues before they happen.

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