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Oxygrams Adds Video Chat to Content Sharing Platform

August 01, 2019

Content creation and social sharing have become some of the leading ways in which businesses and consumers alike are choosing to consume media and interact with it and others.

In a bid to now make news consumption and content viewing even more interactive, Oxygrams recently said it added a “Walkey-Talkey” video chat feature to its offering.

The free news and multimedia platform offer advanced AI communications pattern search for both iPhone and iPad. It also uses stream casting to allow unlimited channel video feeds so users can see the widest amount of content all in one place.

With the newly added chat feature, which is “Part 2” of the platform, it’s possible to easily connect with others on the app for a video session and enhance the content experience. In addition to removing the use of cellular minutes, this is also a great way for content creators to target, speak with and even engage their audiences and grow views and followers.

More and more people are using social media platforms today and have become reliant on them for immediate access to news happening locally and across the globe. Research in 2017 by Pew Research found that two-thirds of Americans were using social media channels to get their daily news.

Oxygrams innovative approach is to build platforms that move beyond traditional media and incorporate the power of social media to disperse videos, music, news and connect audiences. For businesses, the benefit of building your own platform, according to the company adds a layer of control and only disseminating the message they want their customers to hear.

What the company says it’s platforms also do is give customers control. We keep hearing about the importance of social listening and transforming our businesses to better meet changing customer demands. Giving them the “mic” is a terrific way to gain that key data.

Private white-label options of the Oxygrams social media/ news sharing platform are also available.

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