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IntraNext Systems Helping VoIP Call Centers Keep Data Secure

May 01, 2019

In a landscape plagued by security breaches and compliance fines topping the millions, it’s never been more important for call centers to ensure sensitive data from customers is remains protected.

To assist VoIP call centers with achieving this goal, IntraNext Systems has announced the GA release for its latest security product enhancement - SmartSIP.

The benefit of implementing SmartSIP is not only to increase data security but also improve customer confidence without losing out on existing telephone system investments.

The new features have been added to its Event Intelligence Platform for call center integration and includes a specific patent (United States Patent No. US 9,881,178) for, “Protecting Sensitive Data.”  It is also PCI validated for those call centers that collect payment details over the phone.

Using SmartSIP, customers on live calls with agents can enter their sensitive information using the keypad and the audio tones will be captured and then replaced and masked tone so it cannot later be used for a data breach. This technology is commonly referred to as, DTMF suppression and/or masking.

All of this occurs without the agent and customer ever having to disconnect or lose their live communication session. According to the company this is possible since the offering acts as a SIP proxy between the SBC or Media Gateway and the voice platform. This allows it to interact with the DTMF data and not affect the voice path.

Commenting on the benefits provided by the new software solution, Victoria Becker, VP of Business Development said, “We have a distinct advantage for clients who don’t want to alter their existing call routing and voice communications.”

Becker also noted that it will make the job of maintaining cardholder data security to meet PCI compliance requirements possible for medium-to-large call centers who are using VoIP as, “their PCI-DSS `scope' can be significantly reduced.”

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