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Unified Office Makes Dental Practice Productivity Pain Free

February 11, 2019

By Stefania Viscusi - Assignment Desk, Content Management

Patients aren’t the only ones in pain at many dentist offices. For years the industry has been plagued by manual and cumbersome administrative tasks and sluggish communications capabilities for receptionists that hindered their ability to deliver a pleasing experience for patients and that made getting through daily needs a chore.

Now, dental practices can enjoy the time needed to address patient’s needs and less time worrying if other important tasks are being handled.

Managed services provider Unified Office has announced its Total Connect Now Dental Management Suite will include a Virtual Communications Console targeted specifically to provide dental offices with the communications tools they need.

The new offering is an operator console that integrates with leading dental software solutions like Dentrix, Opendental and Eaglesoft, and makes it easy to click and drag to see patient records, process and manage calls across devices in the office, or virtually manage, take and forward call from outside the office using an intuitive dashboard.

With TCNVCC dental practices can focus on delivering better quality customer service while improving how they handle scheduling and call flow and management - while also maintaining voice quality and affordability.

In terms of cost savings, eliminating the need for legacy T1 lines and/or MPLS circuits, dental offices can instead will rely on Unified Office and its around-the-clock managed of services for clients.

Ray Pasquale, Founder & CEO of Unified Office commented that the solution was created to help dentists stop missing calls and giving them the important opportunity to capitalize on possible new patient growth.

“The Internet has completely changed how we consume information and purchase goods and services today. We expect that products and services will be delivered in real-time and all from a one-stop-shop. In this environment putting someone on hold, or even worse, putting them through to voicemail can result in missing a new or existing patient appointment which can result in lost revenue opportunities and potential reputational harm,” he said.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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