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RingRx Expands Health Care Business Communications Solution

July 02, 2018

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

RingRx has expanded its solution to improve interoperability, mobility, and team collaboration. These new features are now part of company’s HIPPA-compliant business communications solution for the health care sector.

Bringing together different business systems to allow for end user ease of use and a more cohesive view of the customer is a popular trend today. A few years ago we began hearing a lot about how application programming interfaces can enable ease of integration. And adoption of REST APIs continues to grow. RingRx says it new REST API allows its technology to integrate with third-party EHR/EMR, practice management partners, and revenue cycle management solutions.  

“As you adopt new kinds of tools for electronic health records and electronic claims and payment systems, for example, RingRx will serve as a worry-free solution that can extend and connect to new tools down the road,” said RingRx user Dr. Mark Dombeck.

On the mobile and team collaboration fronts, RingRx has redesigned its mobile app, enhanced its faxing and texting capabilities, and unveiled a web portal with an On Call System.

“The improved mobile app now displays transcribed voice messages to improve efficiency and brings with it SMS and team messaging support to allow for more seamless communication,” RingRX said. “The new web portal allows even greater collaboration through notes, and shared mailboxes while customizable access management and auditing ensures security and compliance. These advanced features also allow better tracking for inbound reputation scoring and greater insight into operations.”

The rise of Slack prompted many of the existing players in the business communications and UC arena to start talking more about team collaboration, to introduce new and improved team collaboration solutions, and even to acquire their way into this space.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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