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Mitel OfficeLink Offers SMBs Mobile UC

April 11, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Technology is enabling a new day for the SMB. Aside from cloud communications solutions offering a more formidable collaboration tool, these feature-rich next generation offerings come at a pocket-friendly price, while enabling the mobile-first mentality of the modern workforce.

Mitel announced the addition of Mitel OfficeLink to its portfolio of custom-built, cloud-based applications, delivering unified communications features on a mobile device. The new release brings together key UC features in a single mobile application.

Covering the collaboration bases, Mitel included conferencing, group calling, transfer, and supports multiple lines in an intuitive interface. Like others in the space, Mitel is aiming at offering a streamlined workflow to ensure road warriors remain responsive and on the same page as the team.

 “We’re glad to see Mitel continuing to drive innovation to improve how companies communicate and collaborate,” said Anthony Poppe, Principal and Wealth Manager, Firestone Capital Management.

The cloud communications firm delivers Mitel OfficeLink via Mitel CloudLink platform, which empowers businesses to take full advantage of existing assets as well as extending capabilities from the cloud.

“Mitel OfficeLink was created hand in hand with our fast-moving small business customers. The result is a solution focused on simplicity, delivering only the features they need most to communicate and collaborate effectively,” said Bob Agnes, EVP and President, Mitel Products and Solutions. “It reflects our commitment to enabling customers all along the path to the cloud as they journey from where they are now to where they want to be—at their own pace and budget.”

Communications and collaboration is at the heart of every business, and for SMBs leveraging the cloud, the results are speaking quite resoundingly.

When is your business busting the move to cloud communications?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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