Virtual PBX Featured Article Predicts Small-Scale Hiring, Remote Working

December 29, 2017

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

The year ahead for looks good from here at least in terms of the economy. At least for businesses.

While businesses have been sitting on their cash, benefiting in a big way from the stock market and growing consumer confidence, and preparing for the payoff from the newly passed tax plan, they haven’t done much in the way of new hiring. In fact, just the opposite; we regularly get news about big layoffs at such major companies at Ericsson, GE, and IBM.

However, an article posted this week lays out 2018 predictions from virtual PBX business phone system and virtual phone number supplier, which suggests that companies – at least small companies, in a very small way – will be hiring next year. To back up this prediction, the company cites a survey of 1,300 American small businesses, which indicates those polled will hire one or two workers in 2018.

And, the company says, many new hires will work remotely. That’s because it will enable employers to save on real estate and related costs, says. The company then goes on to say that services like its virtual PBX solution are an ideal match for such scenarios. And, it adds, businesses can pour some of the money they save on real estate into new technology like the stuff it provides to contribute to their growth. also predicts that more companies will move their operations entirely to the cloud. It notes that the cloud enables businesses to get into the market faster and more affordably.

Additionally, it says marketing will become more personalized and the phone will remain the primary way companies do business in 2018.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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