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HomeAway, Airbnb Back on 'TRACK' with Cloud Communications

August 22, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The modern economy is digitally driven, giving rise to companies creatively reinventing industry – like Uber, for instance.  The cloud is empowering not just innovation but revolution as well, and as a result of a summertime announcement from HomeAway stating it would no longer share critical traveler contact information until a confirmed reservation spurred those in the rental property industry to turn to cloud communications for an answer.

Recently, TRACK Hospitality Software announced the arrival of the first AI powered, secure messaging platform for HomeAway and Airbnb users. The messaging solution – built on the TRACK cloud communications platform – was developed to improve conversion rates for property managers and boost revenue from two of the largest vacation rental sites.

"It is established that fast and accurate responses to questions and inquiries increases conversion rates across all channels. Our goal with TRACK Secure Messaging is to automate as much of the communication process as possible, while delivering smart responses automatically to frequently asked questions. We wanted to enhance our product to help the traveler make a purchase decision, while decreasing the amount of work for the Property Manager "said Ryan Bailey, CEO of TRACK Hospitality Software.

In implementing the TRACK solution, property managers can leverage artificial intelligence to easily, accurately and rapidly respond to user inquiries from HomeAway and Airbnb. The platform provides a single location to sync and respond to messages, in addition to all pertinent information – contact name, unit data, dates, etc.

TRACK touts its use of AI as an industry first. Users can customize responses, on the omnichannel platform, with the TRACK system effortlessly corresponding with customers.

"Professional property and vacation rental managers want to deepen and strengthen their relationships with their guests. We believe and support this vision. Communication is central to this mission. We have found clear communication across all channels to be key in driving higher conversion rates, as well as happier and more loyal guests. Some things can be automated, while others, require a personalized touch. TRACK gives property managers the tools and information needed to empower this vision," said Bailey.

Engage your customers! That’s what “they” say, at least. TRACK is empowering those in the modern hospitality industry to take advantage of the power of innovation. Cloud communications compels you!

Is your business utilizing cloud communications to engage customers?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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