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Yealink T23G and T4S Series Now Available with Aarenet Virtual PBX

July 24, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Built on a strong foundation of ambition and innovation, Yealink has long been a preeminent provider of future-forward, feature-rich IP phones and endpoints. This prominent market provision is earning the china-based firm growing attention, and an ever-expanding portfolio of partners.

Recently, Yealink announced the successful completion of interoperability testing with Aarenet’s carrier-class VoIP solutions. In specific, the Yealiink T23G and T4S SIP phones can now claim complete interoperability and integration with the Aarenet VoIP System’s Auto-provisioning server.

Frank Remmers, Sales Director at Aarenet noted, “Interoperability and zero-touch provisioning are crucial in tailoring an easy-to-work-with solution for SIP phone deployment. Several of our customers indicated that they can migrate many existing- and new customers to our VoIP platform when we can provide support for the Yealink generation. Also, the integration of the OPUS speech codec supports to improve our business offering. In our confirmed roadmap we will integrate Yealink newest product line including video call support and further advanced features.“ 

Adding Yealink SIP phones to the Aarenet portfolio offers enterprises the ease of seamless interoperability with Aarenet Virtual PBX deployments. Couple the ease of provisioning, with the high performing and feature rich nature of the Yealink offerings and an exceptional communications solution you shall have.

The SIP-T23G IP phone brings features like Yealink’s HD technology, third party application, flexible deployment options and more to the table. With the T4S series ranging from the entry level T41S and T42S to the gigabit color on the T46S and the gigabit touch screen on the T48S. And, all the T4S series utilizes the newly added Opus codec in Yealink Optima HD technology to ensure the best possible audio experience.

“We can see a significant increase of Aarenet customers in the Southeast Asian market,” explained Lucy Liu, Business Development Director at Yealink. “By working together, we can link the carrier-grade platform with advanced yet user friendly SIP phones.” she added. “In a migration roadmap, by re-using the existing SIP phones, investments made in the past can be protected and the existing look and feel remains as is. These advantages can be crucial in the customer’s decision process.”

Selecting a business VoIP, or Virtual PBX solution is simply the first step in a long deployment journey. And, it is those VoIP providers pairing with exceptional IP endpoint providers that are set for success today and long into the future.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


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