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Phonesuite IP-PBX Adds Mobile Integration

June 23, 2017

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

The hospitality industry greatly relies on delivering superior customer service to grow and prosper, which includes hotels. Operators are always looking for solutions to improve their service by making each stay memorable, and increasingly mobile technology is playing an important role to make this possible. After listening to customer demand, Phonesuite has announced a new mobile integration technology for its IP-PBX platform so hotel employees and customers can communicate on their mobile device no matter where they are.

The announcement by Phonesuite was made at Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference or HITEC 2017. The company demonstrated the new features as part of its comprehensive suite of hospitality communication solution for hotel managers and owners. Phonesuite has more than 25 years of experience in the segment designing open-architected integrated hotel communications system that are currently installed in over 5,500 hotels.

As part of BYOD initiatives, organizations across many industries are using the readily available mobile devices of their employees. This has introduced multiple benefits in terms of lowering capital investment in hardware and new levels of efficiency and productivity. Phonesuite has taken this que to leverage mobile technology and integrate it in its IP-PBX platform.

"Just as our mobile device integration platform removes physical barriers in hotel communications, Phonesuite will continue to break telecommunications barriers by delivering revolutionary yet cost-effective tools and solutions that seamlessly integrate with our hotel PBX to help customers enhance their operations and communications," said Phonesuite CEO Frank Melville.

The new mobile integration is going to allow hotels to add unified communication features for the customers and employees. The application allows the staff of a hotel to communicate freely without having to worry about cell phone data usage by mapping their extension through their mobile devices. Each user can manage how they interact within the hotel communications system without having to be tethered to the desk phone.

The new mobile feature can also be integrated with the Phonesuite Managed VOICE solution to increase the level of flexibility, redundancy and scalability of existing and new communication solutions with installation and deployment/integration testing as well as full support for software and hardware.

The Phonesuite solutions are delivered with a 6-Phase design, deployment and support process with more than 100 tasks managed by project managers to ensure functionality and quality. The process includes information gathering, design, pre-installation, Onsite deployment, QA testing and support process.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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