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Audian Creates Self-Service Customer Portal with Virtual PBX Functionalities

April 05, 2017

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

The ability to control the communications services a company deploys is very important for today's businesses. They don't want to be locked-in to traditional contracts that not only limits their ability to scale up or down, but also how and when they can add new services. Audian has launched its new Customer Portal that will give organizations a cloud-based, self-service, drag and drop system with virtual PBX functionalities to create and manage their business phone system.

Audian is a Unified Communications (UC) solution provider that simplifies telecommunications services by automating outdated and time-consuming tasks. The company brings together the function of a telecom service provider and IT infrastructure and it makes it accessible from anywhere so the customer can change communications services as needed in a secure platform.

The new Customer Portal takes this concept further with a self-service platform and a visual drag-and-drop functionality to create and manage a business phone system with a wide range of virtual PBX features. According to the company, the changes can be made by the customer without having to call both a phone maintenance technician and the service provider.

The company's CEO Brandon Bazemore, put it this way, "Simply put, the Audian Customer Portal has made management of a phone system simple and widely accessible to someone with no technical skills, all the way to the 20 year IT veteran. Our portal's drag and drop features gives customers an easy to use, visual representation of their custom phone system, allowing for easy configuration and updates."

The portal makes more than 50 features available. These features, include Call Announce, Conference, Continuity, Forwarding and Monitoring, as well as Cell Phone Integration, Cloud PBX, Conference Bridge, Custom Tagging and many others. The ability to remotely provision phones makes it possible to customize the button layout for each customer with the features they need.

The virtual PBX features include a virtual mailbox, receptionist, a VoIP voice mail with cloud PBX and secure check of messages from anywhere, and voicemail to email. A work-from-anywhere feature also brings PBX capabilities so employees can stay connected, no matter where they are to collaborate.

When it comes to scalability, Customer Portal can add new lines and phones any time without having to call a technician. According to the company, the entire system is delivered through the cloud to ensure the automation of the delivery of the services as well as availability.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
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