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Telinta Unifies Virtual PBX Offerings

February 17, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Sometimes the best news that a market sector can get is that product offerings have combined into one larger value package. Whether it's a software bundle or a DVD box set of an entire television show's run, this combination of useful, welcome items into one larger package can be very welcome. Virtual private branch exchange (PBX) offerings are no exception here, and recently, Telinta took a step in that direction by combining some of its offerings into one package.

The virtual PBX maker has brought together its Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) system together with its Virtual Office system to provide a new means for virtual office users to connect to other users and communicate, a process that has given virtual office the level of validity and usefulness that it really needs to catch on.

Since the Virtual Office system is wholly cloud-based, it makes for a great opportunity to incorporate virtual PBX style tools like WebRTC into its operations. That wasn't the only change Telinta made recently, however, as reports also pointed out how it had set up a new partnership arrangement with Magic Telecom. This new partnership would offer direct inward dialing (DID) solutions for VoIP providers, a move that provides extra value.  Telinta customers will be able to get 10 DID numbers from Magic Telecom at no charge.

Telinta CEO Alex Ferdman noted “The addition of WebRTC into our Virtual Office solution is the perfect example of how Telinta’s solutions can easily be integrated, enabling our customers to serve end users around the world. With our highly flexible white label solutions, Telinta customers and their resellers can offer a full portfolio of seamless services, all under their own brand."

With voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions on the rise overall—the market's value is expected to clear $140 billion just by 2021 according to reports from—it's easy to see why there are some substantial changes coming to the virtual PBX and VoIP markets. Making a more attractive package by offering customers more—the combination of WebRTC and virtual office tools, free DID numbers and the like—just improves the chances that the company making the improvements will get a better slice of that expanding market.

This should turn out quite well for Telinta, though it will take a while before we see how much of that projected $140 billion  will land in its hands.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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