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New Jive Contact Center System Offers Complete Jive Voice Connection

November 29, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Generally, it's good news when tools are added to a system. It provides more options to the user, which in turn improves value. That's a combination that's hard to pass up, though admittedly there are some limits in terms of making a system too complex to be valuable. Jive Communications, meanwhile, has recently taken a step toward better by added a complete cloud-based contact center solution to its Jive Voice hosted private branch exchange (PBX) service.

Dubbed Jive Contact Center, the new solution recently launched to offer Jive Voice users access to a slate of contact management operations, including better handling incoming customer calls and better establishing call queues to reduce wait times and improve the chances of first-call resolution. Not only is there a significant improvement in terms of queue operations, but also, there are new analytics options in place that provide better information about a call and how it went. Such information can be used to further improve operations, including setting up skills-based routing systems that help ensure that the caller gets access to the best agent to settle an issue.

Jive's CEO, John Pope, commented “We've been excited about this product during its entire build. It addresses many critical staffing and customer service needs for thousands of our current customers. Many small and midsized businesses need the functionality of an intelligent contact center, but until now, it has been cost-prohibitive.”

Most everyone who runs a call center operation these days wants to improve its overall level of effectiveness and efficiency. A top-notch call center is no longer the cost sink it once was, but is now a valuable bottom-line contributor, improving customer experience and improving the likelihood of return business. This sea change has yielded major modifications to the call center, and adding analytics to the processes not only improves performance immediately, but also better performance down the line as calls can be analyzed and processes further improved. With better call performance coming out of the call center, customers are more likely to have a problem solved quickly, which endears a company to the customer. That means not only better chances of return business, but even new business as customers spread the word about how quickly problems get solved “over there.”

Jive's new addition to Jive Voice should leave a lot of very happy users in its wake, and that's good news for anyone who's looking to augment a hosted PBX system with call center features.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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