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BroadSoft Rolls out Team-One to Give Business Collaboration an Edge

November 22, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

The growth of the mobile workforce, and the value that it generates, has largely ensured that there will be a need for increasingly better communications tools the farther along we go. BroadSoft recently brought out its new Team-One system, a complete communications and collaboration platform that allows access to several useful functions all from a single workspace that contains a team's complete body of work.

Many of the current messaging tools out there just deliver value on one point, whether it be communications, content, or task-related. For the most part, that's been acceptable, as users can switch between the apps with comparative ease. Team-One, however, puts all of these points under one umbrella, which helps reduce the side effects of disconnect that the app-switching practices of the past tended to engender.

The single workspace is a valuable enough development on its own, but it gets better; since Team-One works with BroadSoft Hub, which uses contextual intelligence to present material, only the material that's most likely to be needed at the time is on hand. Throw in some unified communications (UC) features like click-to-call and live meetings options, task and project management tools, and a set of applications programming interfaces (APIs) for future development and the end package and that rounds out the set.

BroadSoft chief technology officer Scott Hoffpauir commented “Rather than making workforces more productive, standalone messaging apps are exacerbating information overload due to their lack of integration with other core communications and collaboration services. By integrating enterprise messaging and team collaboration with our broader portfolio of cloud unified communications services, Team-One makes it easy for workers to stay engaged and productive from any location and using any preferred device.”

With an increasingly mobile workforce in so many operations, having a way to keep all the various elements of teams at work connected and producing is important to successful operations. While certainly, many organizations have gotten along just fine with the current crop of tools, how much potential has been lost thanks to having to switch from one tool to the next? Granted, that's going to vary from one business to another, but in the end, any potential recovered is worth considering as that potential could go directly to the bottom line.

Team-One from BroadSoft could be delivering a lot of value in many places, and so it's worth considering even if what's in place right now is already working. It's entirely possible that Team-One might work better, and can anyone really afford to overlook new potential opportunities these days? For those who don't like the implications of that question's answer, Team-One is ready to go.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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