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Purchase of MIR3 by ECN Addresses Growing Software Communications Demand

August 03, 2016

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

When two companies come together, whether it is through an acquisition or merger, the right synergy ensures the long-term survivability of the new entity. If they are not compatible or do not complement each other, the road ahead can be a bumpy one. The acquisition of MIR3 by ECN brings two companies that provide cloud communications for enterprises and large public organizations, which should make the integration process much easier.

Emergency Communications Network (ECN) provides SaaS-based unified critical communications to public and private organizations. This is generally applied to emergency situations in which said organizations can contact the employees or citizens during an event. The company's CodeRED platform has been used by governments, commercial, healthcare as well as other end markets to reach millions of people instantly whether it is an emergency or a marketing campaign.

“This transaction creates an opportunity for ECN to greatly scale our footprint in the adjacent enterprise market, as well as introduce ECN's Cloud Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering, which can enable enterprises to enrich software applications with multi-channel and real-time communication functions,” said David DiGiacomo, president and CEO of ECN.

In order to complement these capabilities, the company purchased MIR3, which also provides SaaS intelligent communications to business and government clients with a growing enterprise platform.

The MIR3 has been designed to simplify multi-channel communication and collaboration without the limitation of scale. For enterprises with thousands of employees who are using different mobile devices and operating systems, this can be a problem. The MIR3 solution delivers advanced, reliable and flexible software solutions to address the challenges enterprises face today with the complexity of messaging.

Ann Pickren, president of MIR3 said, “Joining forces with ECN establishes an industry leader in the unified critical communications market, paving the way for continued innovation and development to address critical business needs. We are excited for this opportunity and will continue to provide our clients with unparalleled service.”

One of the solutions MIR3 offers is TelAlert, an automated notification system for IT service management (ITSM) and network management system (NMS) applications. With downtime costing businesses a considerable amount in revenue loss, as well as damage to their reputation, maximizing uptime with advanced two-way notification goes a long way to quickly bring systems back online.

TelAlert uses advanced automated notification technology to launch IT alerts to key personnel, thus helping the administration of network management, help desk and financial processing systems.

There are many examples of corporate acquisitions that haven't quite worked out, but the coming together of ECN and MIR3 brings two companies with highly compatible technologies, which should give its customers more options.

Edited by Alicia Young


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