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Make a Mark in Your Industry - Get Involved Where it Counts

June 10, 2016

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

Watching the history of business performance and one thing is clear: profits have to trump everything else. In some cases, there is a duty to the shareholders to ensure the best performance in the market. Yet this diligence in following what is promised to the shareholders often put other variables – and the company – at risk.

If the strategy involves ignoring how you treat your employees and declining quality when it comes to your product, that profitability has a very short shelf life. Especially today, consumers have the opportunity to take to social media and hold the business accountable for its actions. If there is a large deficit in an area where care should be taken, the business is in trouble if it ignores the backlash.

This is especially true in the field of the virtual PBX. This service is provided by companies that operate on the platform that they can help businesses stay connected, offering them greater capabilities at a lower price. But if the company providing the service doesn’t provide great support for its employees, superior customer support and service and focus on continued quality of service, its ability to remain competitive in the market is very limited.

A Huffington Post piece examined this challenge and offered insights into what companies should be doing in order to secure a place of respect and sustainability in the mind of the consumer. One company highlighted in the piece was virtual PBX provider, Nextiva. As a loud communications company, Nextiva is upheld as an example of why business owners should consider getting involved in their local communities.

Next only does Nextiva get involved, the company has established its own charitable organization, Nextiva Cares. This organization has gotten involved in a wide variety of local and national causes through intentional sponsorships. A few to note include the creation of the local Little Free Library and a notable donation to the Mayo Clinic for their work in the field of medicine.

A standout to their efforts is the diversity seen in the way they contribute back on local and national levels. The virtual PBX’s charity arm raises money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, participates in the Uber Kitten campaign and donates gifts to Toys for Tots. The point is Nextiva Cares often has activities going on and in the selection process, includes personal interests and causes of its employees.

Just how effective is this within the organization? Nextiva touts a four-star rating and its CEO has an approval rating of 87 percent. Comparatively, Wal-Mart’s CEO has an approval rating of just 64 percent. I’d say Nextiva is definitely doing something right.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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