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IntelePeer Steps Up SIP Service with Implementation Controls

May 12, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Sometimes it's not about what a system does so much as how it does it. The how of a system can be just as important as the what, and for IntelePeer, it's recently announced some changes to its SIP Service, which will provide users with a better way to make contact and still get full value out of currently-available resources.

The newest change to IntelePeer's SIP Service is the Cloud Transfer system. With Cloud Transfer, users are better able to enable or disable services on any currently-active session initiation protocol (SIP) trunk in place with a Web-based portal. With Cloud Transfer, users get access to a new Internet protocol (IP) based alternative to more standard call transfer systems. Cloud Transfer allows for rapid, easy transfer of calls from one branch to another, regardless of location, and even down to the individual agent level. That means greater reliability, reduced delay, and better cost savings depending on how often the tool is put to use, though the standard rates apply for every portion of the call.

IntelePeer's vice president of product, Robert Galop, commented “We are continually adding value to our family of SIP products, providing our customers with simple, cost efficient access to powerful call routing and distribution features that can be used in any UC environment. This translates into a robust, streamlined UC solution that improves efficiency and increases revenue for our customers. With the introduction of Cloud Transfer, enterprises now transfer calls to remote locations or external devices while freeing up the ports and resources from the transferring location.”

This improvement may not by itself garner IntelePeer a lot more in the way of users, but it certainly won't hurt any. A system that works better and delivers cost savings generally results in a quality customer experience, and IntelePeer's SIP Service looks like it's been sufficiently augmented to deliver just that. Better yet, word of mouth can start to kick in and deliver benefit, so more users find out about IntelePeer from other satisfied customers, which gives IntelePeer a better shot at further sales.

IntelePeer's SIP Service was already good to start with, but with these new options in place, what's already good should get better, which improves its chances of success in the market, fends off competitors, and gives the company a brighter overall future.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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