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Nextiva Releases NextOS 3.0 Beta Update

December 31, 2015

By Michael Guta - Contributing Writer

With so many communications solutions available in today’s ecosystem, it is not enough to just have the fancy hardware deployed across an organization. If the right software is not integrated to exploit the full potential of the hardware, the ROI will not be substantial. The Nextiva NextOS technology is a carrier-grade communications platform that delivers all the ways businesses can communicate today. The company announced the release of NextOS 3.0 Beta Update with added features that will extend business collaboration, flexibility and productivity.

When a company deploys a communications solution today, it means more than just phones and a PBX system. The platform has to integrate mobile technology, conferencing and collaborative tools, call center capabilities, IP telephony, unified communications, hosted solutions such as a virtual PBX and more. And managing all of these technologies can get complicated.

The Nextiva NextOS technology is a cloud phone system with a carrier-grade communications platform delivered in a single line, from voice to video and everything in between. The NextOS platform is supported by 150 expert engineers, and currently supports 16 of the top 20 global communication providers, six million businesses and 20 million consumers every day.

The 3.0 Beta update will introduce multiple features, including the ability to import up to 100 users and devices at once, select multi-site administrators, use the dash board to view recent call history and system status and get video tutorials throughout the portal.

The admin features for NextOS 3.0 Beta Portal have new additions across many of the different categories of the platform. And the company said it will be adding more features to the portal, including call center and a user interface, in the coming months.

Some of the admin features include: Allowing employees to upload personal voicemail greetings, adding and assigning devices, and adding and managing administrators for single or multiple locations.

Features can also be set up for users to improve how employees and others can use the platform for efficient communications no matter what channel they use.  One of the more useful tools is Nextiva Anywhere, which allows users to make and receive call from any device or location with a single number, one dial plan, one voice mailbox and a unified set of features.

The other personal user features include, call recording, custom ringback user, do not disturb, location forwarding, selective acceptance, remote office and many others.

The NextOS 3.0 Beta comes with key tools that are essential for today’s businesses, and as the company said, it is adding more features as the technologies become available in the marketplace, thus futureproofing the platform for companies that choose to deploy the solution.



Key Benefits

  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
  Auto Attendant
  Instant Conference Calls
  HD Voice Quality