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TelePacific and Aligned Communications Strike New Distribution Deal

November 12, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Distribution deals have a great way of broadening companies' focus, and a new one between TelePacific Communications and Aligned Communications should do just that. With TelePacific now able to offer its solution set up for Aligned to provide its customers, the end result should be plenty of new inroads made for both firms.

The deal calls for Aligned—and its network measuring over 300 subagents strong—to offer up TelePacific's line of solutions in cloud-based operations, connectivity tools and even business continuity solutions throughout Texas. With TelePacific in tow, businesses can get access to not only voice and data services, but also hosted private branch exchange (PBX) operations, email operations and several others, all contained on one bill.

TelePacific, meanwhile, reportedly turned to Aligned thanks mainly to its location. Aligned's president, Dave Wallace, noted that 80 percent of its agent base had customers in Texas, and given that that's also where Aligned was, the combination worked well to better let TelePacific break into the rapidly-growing Texas market.

This isn't the first time TelePacific and Aligned have worked together, either; reports suggest that Aligned was offering TelePacific services on a subagent basis since 2014, before looking to expand the role outward. With that expansion has come sales expansion as well, and now Aligned is one of TelePacific's top 10 partners. The two firms are also routinely seen working together on the pre-sales support process, as well as through the installation process.

Texas' growth as an economic power in recent years—as evidenced in part by the growing popularity of the South by Southwest event—makes it a reasonable target when it comes to communications releases. So for TelePacific to take its communications tools to Dallas-based Aligned makes plenty of sense. Throw in the fact that the two have already been working together, and are really only expanding the connection, and the logic of the situation falls right into place.  The firms know how each other works, trust each other, and can work around each others' proclivities to produce the best results. Put this kind of trust in an environment where economic expansion is often spotted and that should put this distribution deal in a whole new light.

As Dave Wallace put it, “When we choose a carrier to do business with, let's just say we like to ride the horses that we have in our stable.” When two firms know each other as well as TelePacific and Aligned do, seeing that relationship expand is perfectly reasonable, and here reason seems to have won out in the form of a bigger deal.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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