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Why Your Business Phone Number Still Matters

November 06, 2015

By Michelle Amodio - Virtual PBX Contributor

Let's get real: the telephone is no longer the only form of communication for businesses, but regardless of how the Internet has connected us, a telephone number is still a requirement. While it’s become the norm for customers to seek out other channels to reach customer service, having phone communications still matters. In fact, your phone number is more than just a 10-digit code your customers can dial into for help; it’s part of your brand. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a number that will be remembered by customers, but the bigger picture here is that customers need to reach you, and you need to be reached.

Virtual PBX provider Nextiva knows that a phone number is a crucial part in the customer experience puzzle. In fact, a virtual PBX or cloud system is a good choice for the office that has its people on the go but who need to offer availability to their consumers. With a virtual model, businesses are afforded growth and flexibility without the complications of managing an on-premises phone system. There is no longer any need to worry about scalability and upgrades due to capacity requirements. Managing line cards, trunk cards or space in your capacity is not required. At the end of the day, customers can still pick up the phone and get in contact.

Virtual PBX providers handle capacity, performance and configuration of the total VoIP system. That means you can offer one number for all of your offices, regardless of their location. Need one number that can route to several satellite offices? This is made possible with a virtual PBX.

Most hosted PBX systems include a Web portal that let you turn features on and off, manage messages and configure your phone from any web browser. These systems can even allow you to manage your entire system from your desktop, changing things like operating hours, workstation names and more. While to the customer there is just one phone number, behind the curtain is a well-oiled, efficient system connecting your customers to the people they need to reach.

If you would rather have multiple numbers, a virtual PBX can do that, too. Sometimes more local numbers are required based on customer demographics. When a customer is in search of products and services, local directories are an often-used resource. When you select a local number for your place of business, you can advertise in directories all throughout the communities you service, and thanks to virtual PBX, a customer can call into Los Angeles but still reach a Phoenix associate.

Although many customer service issues can be resolved on your website or through email, some customers will still expect the personal touch from a phone call. If there’s no easy way for them to reach you, you may lose out on a sale or on the opportunity to fix a problem they are having. If you want to provide the best in customer service and accessibility for your customers, phone numbers still matter for your business.

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