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Clear Rate Communications Plugs in to Metaswitch Networks Services

September 29, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

When the time came for Clear Rate Communications to replace its array of time division multiplexer (TDM)-based communications tools, it likely had no shortage of possible replacements in the field and ready to go. But after due consideration, Clear Rate ultimately turned to Metaswitch Networks to get the job done and bring in a new set of hosted unified communications (UC) and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking tools for Clear Rate to put to use.

Clear Rate is set to get some impressive advantages in turning to Metaswitch; not only will it be able to bolster its communications options, but it will also get said communications at a better value. With the new tools in place, Clear Rate will reportedly not only be able to reduce costs, but also step up its access to other markets. Clear Rate needed a service that could more readily grow with the company, and provide the necessary capacity required for such growth, so it's little surprise the company turned to Metaswitch.

Since Clear Rate provides an array of services—including both voice and data solutions, as well as several cloud-based and other managed information technology (IT) operations—having access to the kinds of services that Metaswitch can offer made a particular sense. Metaswitch handles software for a variety of communications operations, including business and consumer, as well as the ability to interconnect networks. Metaswitch has even been spotted working in network functions virtualization (NFV) circles, helping to drive the next generation of network technology. With Metaswitch, reports suggest, Clear Rate will get access to not only a geographically diverse service, but also improved redundancy, making the service much more reliable and available in more places.

The pairing is actually a fairly natural one, as Metaswitch looks to offer communications services along with a greater focus on virtualization and cloud-based operations to a company that focuses on providing both UC and SIP trunking operations to others. It's almost like a company that makes shovel handles finding a better shovel head, giving its own customers a comfortable yet powerful handle to hold onto while the improved shovel head does a better job than ever.  The boost to redundancy and multi-state operations certainly helps; it's great particularly in terms of disaster planning, where in some cases, operations that would have been impacted by a disaster can instead be routed to a state that didn't just suffer a disaster, and as such, can keep on going on at least some level. This makes Clear Rate a much greater value to its own customers, thanks to the support Metaswitch can provide.

Chances are, Clear Rate will be able to make quite the value proposition to its user base on the strength of such a program, and it will have Metaswitch and its operations to thank for it. Better communications that can work better overall and potentially can keep going even in the face of a disaster is hard to scoff at, and that seems to be what's on offer here.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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