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Anahata Brings Asterisk to its VoIP Systems

July 31, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Virtual PBX Writer

Asterisk is already pretty well-known as a tool for businesses of all sizes, but Anahata Technologies—part of the Perth Software Development Company—is set to take Asterisk to a whole new level, adding  it to its line of FreePBX and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) tools found on the Ubuntu operating system. This in turn should open up a slate of new options for Ubuntu users, and allow for a fairly simple way to step up communications.

Since Asterisk is an open-source telephone solution that allows most of its functions to be run over the Internet as opposed to over standard copper lines, a lot of places have turned to it as a means to offer service at lower cost. Throw in the fact that Asterisk comes with an array of features like conference calling capability and voicemail options, and it's a valuable tool in many toolboxes out there.

But better yet, Asterisk actually recently stepped up its options thanks to the addition of Phone Feature Packs, offering tools that were formerly only available on the Web interface version to phone handset displays. That means premium-grade tools like call recording, searchable company directory options and even visual voicemail are all on hand. Plus, the newest version of Asterisk also brings several new tools into play, including the ability to take a Google Voice account and use it as a trunk. Since the development company turns to FreePBX as a Web interface to configure Asterisk, that should make the changes especially smooth to execute.

It's hard to pass up a new system that offers up not only a lot of new features for its users, but also a lot of new features at the same time. There's no doubt that Asterisk has a lot to offer, and that's a development that plenty have been taking advantage of sometime already.  Asterisk has been seen doing quite a bit lately, including kicking off 2015 with an Asterisk World session where its value in offering voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) access to government groups was considered, as well as its recent work as part of FreePBX, called a “billion-dollar game changer” in some circles. Putting tools like these to work in wider circles, meanwhile, should prove a great way to enhance its position in the field and give those interested in working with Asterisk more reason to do so. Throw in the savings that are likely to be realized as part of working with Asterisk and FreePBX tools and the picture only gets brighter.

Finding ways to save money is an important process for most any company these days, and looking in the direction of communications services to do so is usually a sound first step. Anahata's addition of Asterisk with FreePBX and IRC on Ubuntu, meanwhile, should offer up a popular new way to make communications even better without much in the way of added expense, potentially even realizing savings with the expanded service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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