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Kordia and Vadacom Partner for New Virtual PBX Offering

April 10, 2015

By Clayton Hamshar - Contributing Writer

Kordia New Zealand, a government-owned broadcaster and telecommunications provider, and Vadacom, a telecommunications software development company, have announced a partnership in which the two companies will deliver a new hosted PBX (Public Branch eXchange) solution.

The joint solution will provide medium enterprise (ME) customers in the New Zealand market with extensive end-to-end voice capabilities and high-quality services that were previously only available to large enterprises. A completely cloud-based system ensures full flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business needs while maintaining the best security and reliability modern technology is capable of. Furthermore, with no upfront costs and a usage-based payment model, customers have access to an affordable solution that slots seamlessly into existing budgets and immediately starts generating an impressive return on investment.

“Vadacom has a wealth of experience in the ME market having provided PBX solutions to more than 500 businesses – from tech rock stars such as Xero right through to household brands such as Green Fingers,” said Drew Gilpin, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kordia. “The company’s scalable system means customers can quickly add more users, branches and sites as their businesses grow – it also provides enterprise features at a price our ME customers can afford. Kordia customers won’t need to worry about managing costly hardware onsite and have the peace of mind that their PBX is now safe in Kordia’s Cloud, allowing them to focus on serving their customers and making money.”

Under this agreement, the new solution will be offered through Kordia’s distribution channels to a client base that is increasingly interested in hosted PBX solutions. The company only recently made public its intentions to focus substantially on the ME market, making this announcement the first step in the process. New Zealand ME customers have widely demonstrated the need for a consistent, high-performance solution; Vadacom and Kordia hope this new offering will more than satiate that need.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Kordia who provide the most robust telco infrastructure to support our innovative cloud telephony solution,” said Aaron Ridgway, CEO of Vadacom. “With the recent introduction of $1 million in investment capital, we are looking forward to scaling our business with Kordia.”

The new hosted PBX offerings as well as Kordia’s SIP solutions are now available to Kordia customers.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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