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Cloud-based Communication Solutions Offer Major Benefits to Business

November 14, 2014

By Laura Stotler - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

When it comes to SMBs, or really any type of business, the cloud is an excellent fit. Rarely are workers tied to their office desks any more, and the cloud enables work to happen any time, and any place, on any type of device. Virtual and hosted solutions take this a step further, facilitating audio and video collaboration and a host of multimedia features through offerings like virtual PBXs. Ultimately, the cloud, when combined with these types of virtual offerings, affords cost savings and productivity increases, an attractive option for any type of business.

A recent blog post from Nextiva, a provider of cloud phone systems and virtual PBXs, examines a number of ways the cloud and hosted solutions can benefit a business. Collaborative solutions are incredibly useful for communicating and negotiating with customers and prospective clients. Bids and proposals can be created and updated in real time, in an interactive format, while in a phone or video meeting. This is valuable if an in-person meeting is impractical, and it’s also helpful to have meeting minutes and notes in a collaborative format that is easily accessible.

Video conferencing and video presentations are also a major asset to any business, enabling everything from collaborative communications to sales and marketing pitches. Cloud-based printing and scanning is also a nice feature, enabling workers to bill and invoice on the fly and utilize various departments for processing, packing and shipping. Virtual solutions are also valuable for being able to take notes on the fly and make them accessible to any device, anywhere and at any time.

Of course, virtual PBXs and cloud-based phone systems offer a variety of features and cost savings. Calls may be routed to any device to ensure workers are always available, no matter where they may be located. And systems aren’t limited to phone calls, since a host of unified communications (UC) are easily enabled using these types of solutions.

Additional benefits of cloud-based offerings include anytime, anywhere tech support, language translation on the fly, and central storage and access to music and multimedia files.

In a fast-paced BYOD world, cloud-based communication solutions are not only beneficial, they are becoming necessary to keep your business running efficiently.

Edited by Alisen Downey



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