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Barracuda's Virtual PBX System Now Interoperable Teliax Platform

October 01, 2014

By Matt Paulson - Virtual PBX Contributing Writer

VoIP service provider Teliax has formed a recent partnership with Barracuda Networks Inc., which provides industry-defining cloud-based security and storage solutions. Now that the two companies are working together, their software is also able to cooperate as the company announced on Friday that the interoperability certification program between Barracuda's CudaTel IP PBX system and Teliax's IVY voice platform has been successfully completed. Now, after extensive certification testing, the two platforms are now immediately compatible with one another.

Both platforms use the Internet to transfer calls through the Internet, which makes VoIP calls far less expensive than traditional landline service. However interoperability between the two networks works to reduce the necessary infrastructure involved even further, lowering the overall cost for all involved parties.

Teliax's IVY voice platform allows VoIP carrier partners to sell both hosted PBX service as well as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking from a single, easy-to-use solution. Now that it is backed up by Barracuda's CudaTel PBX system, the companies can both offer improved VoIP service with high-end security and storage solutions at a competitive rate.

“Our manufacturer relationships are very important to us and allow our customers to have the peace of mind that the combinatin of our platform and products like CudaTel will operate seamlessly and be supported by both companies,” commended Teliax VP of Retail Operations, Kerry Garrison. “Many of our business customers rely on CudaTel and this interop certification will provide CudaTel resellers another option for their SIP service to offer customers.

Similarly, CudaTel Project Manager Nicholas Belluni expressed his satisfaction with the interoperability between the platforms, noting that IVY brought several sought-after features to Cudatel's resale partners, which is certain to increase the value of their products overall.

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