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Why Law Firms Need Virtual PBX

December 10, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

The parameters established by the traditional office provided separation between home life and work life, enabling firms to create the desired atmosphere to encourage productivity. While this worked for a number of generations, the advancements in technology have shown that flexibility in communications is a good thing for business success. This is especially true with the application of virtual PBX.

A central location for communications was one of the main reasons all employees needed to be in one location for work in the first place. Customers need to be able to reach the intended professional without calling them at home or logging a mobile number. When a company implements virtual PBX, however, the employee can be reached on a mobile device without sharing that number with the individual on the other end of the line.

This kind of privacy protection is important for a number of organizations, including law firms. A recent Nextiva blog discussed the perks of virtual PBX that a Dallas, Texas, law firm discovered a few years ago when the firm began to expand. Attorney Tiana DeLeo, of Walters Dunn, PLLC, described the experience of transitioning to virtual PBX. When the firm started to experience diverse growth a few years back, it became clear the analog phone lines they had been using wouldn’t keep pace with demand. This led to the deployment of a robust VoIP system.

According to DeLeo, the firm was enjoying substantial growth, expanding into different areas of law, such as oil, gas, real estate, bankruptcy, trademark and corporate business. The firm also supported remote employees, something that was challenging and inefficient with their Time Warner Cable analog phone system. A little online research led them to a virtual PBX provided by Nextiva.

While the firm was looking for specific technology in a new phone system, they were drawn to the very personal approach taken by Nextiva. As a very high volume firm, they needed a robust platform that could handle a considerable volume of calls in and out, routing, transfers and more. With multiple branches to support, the VoIP solution makes sense to ensure a seamless experience and a consistent brand for all clients.

These elements are critical for law firms today as they must be responsive and proactive if they hope to be competitive. This means fast action, secure transfer of time-sensitive information and seamless collaboration with all parties, regardless of the device or their location. Virtual PBX provides all of this and more for the busy law firm, delivering the flexibility needed to ensure clients receive the personalized attention they need.

With complete backup and proven redundancy, the solution provides the reliability necessary to never leave a client unassisted. To dominate in the target market, law firms need this kind of reliability, flexibility and capability. 

Edited by Alisen Downey



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