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IPitomy Communications Unveils Cloud-based PBX System for Disaster Recovery

April 16, 2013

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

IPitomy Communications, a provider of voice over IP (VoIP) PBX systems, has recently launched the IPitomy Web Services Cloud-based IP PBX System.

The robust PBX provides businesses with the ability to create a cloud-based communications system that can be used as a redundant IP PBX backup for their on-premises IP PBX system.

The service, which is hosted on Amazon Web Services, helps eliminate downtime during natural disasters, line failures and other outages. 

Cloud-based PBXs deliver several advantages. First, businesses are free from the headache of installing and maintaining on-premises hardware and related infrastructure. Next, the service is delivered via the Internet, so employees can access the service from anywhere in the world even during major disasters at anytime.  

The new cloud service benefits IPitomy customers as it provides them with a second backup PBX system that will automatically take over as a redundant backup PBX system for disaster recovery.  It closely mimics the programming of the customer’s current system and if a failure is detected, the phone will automatically switch over to the redundant cloud-based platform and instantly begin using the cloud.

The service is ideal for businesses that value communications as critical to their day-to-day operations and cannot afford any downtime related to the telecommunications infrastructure.

“Solving all disaster related scenarios has been difficult using premises-based solutions,” said Paul Falanga, IPitomy’s product manager.

According to Falanga, IPitomy’s services go beyond a basic IP PBX and virtual PBX solution.

Falanga added, “Depending upon the severity of the disaster, users could take their phones home, plug them into the Internet and the system would keep on working. In many cases, it may be necessary to send all calls to mobile phones which, when combined with IPitomy’s Mobile Control App, provides an extended feature set to any mobile phone, including the ability to transfer calls from a mobile phone.”

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