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Virtual PBX: FUSE 3 Communications Expands Hosted PBX Offering with TransNexus, Acme Packet

May 21, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

FUSE 3 Communications, a provider of hosted technology infrastructure, just expanded its service with a hosted PBX offering with the help of TransNexus, the VoIP management software experts, and Acme Packet, a provider of Session Border Controllers (SBC).

Acme Packet is FUSE 3’s SBC vendor. TransNexus was referred to FUSE 3 by Acme Packet.

FUSE 3 sought expansion to their IT offerings to include hosted PBX service. The company needed a solution that could keep costs low and include advanced features like voicemail, voice to e-mail, internal extensions and call recording.

TransNexus is an Acme Packet Interop Plus Partner. Interop Plus partners must complete interoperability testing for current and new product releases, deployed with Acme Packet in customer locations.  The Call Detail Records generated by Acme Packet’s SBCs are converted by TransNexus software into robust traffic and QoS reports.

TransNexus’ Routing, Operations and Billing Support System (ROBSS) consists of the NexOSS software suite and the OSPrey routing server. The system works with any SBC for dynamic least cost routing and comprehensive reporting. TransNexus ROBSS works both for outbound calls and inbound Direct Inward Dial (DID) calls, offering customers a telephone number and routing inbound SIP calls from the PSTN.

FUSE 3 used the Net-Net Session Director session border controller (SBC) from Acme Packet, which provided critical control functions to deliver high quality interactive communications – voice, video and multimedia sessions – across IP network borders.

FUSE 3 also required a service provider operations support system (OSS) for dynamic least cost routing, Direct Inward Dialed (DID) routing, quality of service (QoS) reporting and alarms, and troubleshooting.

“TransNexus was referred to FUSE 3 by Acme Packet our session border controller vendor,” said Michael Greco, CTO at FUSE 3.” “We had multiple conversations and meetings with TransNexus, and their experience was a tremendous help. With the support of the TransNexus staff, we put together a detailed implementation plan and quickly deployed the TransNexus solution with our Acme Packet SBCs.”

TransNexus has helped FUSE 3 offer an end-to-end solution customized to the individual business needs. TransNexus’ reporting solutions monitor the FUSE 3 network in near-real time, 24/7. It has dramatically increased profits and customer satisfaction by providing them complete insight into call flow, call quality and traffic patterns.

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