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Hosted Contact Center Software Solutions Fit for Growth

March 28, 2008

By Susan J. Campbell,
TMCnet Contributing Editor

Rumors are flying that the U.S. is in store for a significant economic downturn. A simple stop at the gas station or local grocery store reveals signs of a recession. As consumers, we understand what such conditions are doing to our pocketbook. For organizations, they are feeling the crunch as well and their ability to embrace it will be key for not just growth, but survival.

In a variety of industries, price as a competitive factor has lost its power as many products and services have been reduced to commodities. As a result, organizations must turn to other methods in order to achieve differentiation. For many, that differentiation is found in their approach to customer service.
On the front of the customer service line is the contact center. In the intensely competitive marketplace today, customer service is even more critical, yet many companies lack the space and expertise to implement a traditional brick and mortar contact center. The solution? Hosted contact center software.

In order to achieve market domination, an organization must be able to be flexible and implement scalable solution to accommodate market dynamics. For those that are looking toward growth, the ability to enter into new or expanded markets quickly is key to driving profitable growth.

Turning to a hosted call center model can enable a company to enter into a new market within days. In one example, Five9, a virtual call center company, enabled Bitstop Network Services to enter the Philippine market with a fully supported hosted solution within mere days and without significant upfront capital investments. For Bitstop, this enabled the company to capitalize on opportunities immediately, instead of waiting for timely integrations before launching fully into the market.

The flexibility of hosted contact center software can not only speed time to market, it can also provide significant cost savings. What’s more, even when fully implemented, making changes to accommodate market demands can be accomplished quickly and easily.

For those companies focused on growth, looking to international markets is not unusual. A hosted call center software solution can provide the scalability to accommodate that growth, while also providing the features and functions that are needed along the way. Companies no longer must settle for a one-size-fits-all solution as hosted models can be customized without significant capital investments.

Whether the organization is searching for call monitoring solutions, predictive dialers, full desktop integration, report generation, IVR or other self-service functions in addition to basic call center operation, innovative vendors such as Five9 offer a full range of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the organization today and into the future.
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