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Heads-Up: The Cloud Is Here to Stay

October 09, 2014

By Michelle Amodio,
TMCnet Contributor

The cloud is getting some serious press. Whether you’re running a small business or a high volume call center, the cloud can offer a lot of benefits, but not everyone fully understands to what extent or, really, why. A hosted model for a lot of functions and processes can mean a lot of things, but let’s break it down and delve a little deeper as to what this means for the call center on demands.

Here’s a little cloud 101: The cloud in all of its forms (cloud communications, cloud computing, cloud call centers) has helped a lot of organizations when it comes to using data and keeping costs down. With the cloud being a highly secure, location-independent solution, it offers options that far outweigh traditional IT services, and thus it makes for an attractive option for computing and communications needs.

Migrating to a cloud-based call center is relatively cheaper and provides all-in-one solutions that can include essential software such as IVR, IP-PBX (News - Alert), ACD, call recording and monitoring, workforce management, performance management, outbound messaging and delivery of reporting to management – all in one simple solution.

What’s more, the cloud is scalable. What does that mean? If you’re running a high-volume call center, you’ll need to be nimble for whatever the day will bring you. Do you need more on one day and less on another? Are you planning for increased calls, say around holiday time, and need to act fast? Scalability means being able to handle fluctuations without hassle, and in the call center, this can make or break how customers are going to view your performance.

Many companies today are moving to cloud applications to help them respond to the rapid advances in today’s market environment while simultaneously ditching many of the high costs and hassles of maintaining complex internal systems.

The benefit of minimal hardware and software costs is a plus for companies, as well. Along with no up-front capital investment, it's clear why so many executives are looking to cloud solutions for their call center needs.

Customers today are understandably more tech-savvy, and paired with higher expectations, call centers are realizing that in an effort to be the all-out customer experience hub, their call center technologies must evolve to meet the increasing demands of their educated customer base. Here’s your heads up: look up to the cloud to meet your customer needs and to create an utterly smooth experience for both the customer and the agent.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi