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Automated, On Demand Call Center Solutions Keep Everyone Happy

May 30, 2014

By TMCnet Staff,

Interactions with customers can take on different characteristics. For some companies, this means an automated system that allows customers to take care of what they need at times that are convenient to them. For others, it may mean personalized interactions with live agents. For still others, it means offering customers the opportunity to interact in a way that is meaningful and efficient for them.

Understanding what clients want out of the interaction is a good first step towards success. The next step includes selecting the solutions necessary to support the customer service strategy. In many cases, the solution may be offered on demand.

Five9 (News - Alert) recently promoted a video in which the client company tried to communicate the importance of customer-focused interaction points. For the first minute, we’re entertained with two characters superimposed on the end of the call center agent’s headset microphone. Once done laughing at this interchange, the company then shares keen insight on the hosted contact center and why they are best suited to promote the solution.

For one, Five9’s client is a small business and often don’t think of themselves as a contact center. The latter tends to suggest an impersonal interaction that is focused more on process than on people. Five9 wants to ensure that doesn’t happen, offering its own clients the opportunity to extend communication channels to customers that fit their specific needs.

With an on demand call center, companies can enjoy phone, web, chat, email, mobile, even social media. Plus, sales guys love the automated dialers. Why? It allows them to talk to more customers in less time, which equates to more sales. With the solution running in the cloud, they don’t have to pay for more than they use and it’s always on. It supports the in-house contact center and the virtual environment where agents work from home.

For positioning, Five9 says it well, highlighting the reality that they offer all the benefits of the on premise contact center innovator without the hardware and internal IT head count. Customers only need a computer to get started, extending capabilities to companies of all sizes. Whether the focus is inbound or outbound sales, Five9’s hosted contact center enables clients to directly connect with customers so they can stay focused on their needs while growing the business. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi