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Better. Cheaper. Faster. Five9 Helps Contact Centers Move to the Cloud

February 11, 2013

By Rich Steeves,
TMCnet Managing Editor

It sounds a bit like the opening from the classic 70s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. Better. Cheaper. Faster. Though it’s not quite the same as building a cyborg superhero, transitioning a contact center from an on-premise model into the cloud can help companies achieve the above benefits and a whole lot more. Virtual call center specialists Five9 (News - Alert) has a wealth of experience guiding companies through this process, and the company understands how to navigate the process and bring a host of benefits to businesses that are looking to make this change.

In the past, the primary driver for the transition to the cloud was cost. Companies wanted to gain access to technology without paying high upfront costs. But now, in addition to cost savings, businesses are looking to improve the customer experience, and moving to the cloud is a great way to do so. Many businesses are faced with on-premise technology that is reaching the end of its life cycle, and replacing it would be expensive. Plus, the nature of business itself is changing, and companies are looking to open new lines of business or marketing activities and are looking for flexibility and agility. Forrester (News - Alert) studies have shown that more and more companies are using excellent customer service as a differentiator, and businesses are keeping this in mind in regards to contact centers. And the cloud makes sense for most businesses, according to Liz Osborn, VP of Product and Solution Marketing at Five9. After all, she says, when you need electricity in your office, you don’t build a power plant, so why build an entire infrastructure for a call center when you can leverage the cloud for the same results?

According to Osborn, companies are often concerned with security, reliability and cost when considering transitioning to the cloud. They want to be sure customer data is safe, that the solutions will work properly, and that the total cost of ownership will be cheaper in the long run. David van Everen, VP of Digital Marketing at Five9, points out that companies are also unsure as to whether cloud call centers can deliver on the promise of supporting tens of thousands of agents and billions of calls – but Five9 does exactly that.

Ultimately Osborn and van Everen agree that moving a contact center to the cloud is better, faster and cheaper. It allows companies to scale up and down based on seasonal needs or drops or pumps in business. Cloud solutions are better because they allow someone else to handle the infrastructure, freeing up companies to do what they do best. These solutions also allow you to turn on seats immediately, and the cloud-based solutions upgrade automatically. Additionally, there is less of an upfront cost, there is less necessary training, and there are no hidden costs or maintenance fees.

Five9 has a wealth of experience in this area, and customers appreciate that. Osborn stated that customers value the expertise Five9 brings to the contact center space, and its willingness to partner with businesses, taking them through the process. She points out that “their success is our success, and we need to keep them happy every day.” Five9 serves as a trusted advisor and partner, with more deployments than anyone in the industry. Plus, with a simple-to-use interface and a free, full 30-day trial, customers have a chance to see the value immediately. And that value comes down to better, stronger and cheaper, like a modern day call center superhero.

Edited by Carlos Olivera