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New Version of RealityVision Supports Verint Nextiva IP Video Management Platform

July 16, 2010

By Shamila Janakiraman, Business VoIP Contributor

Reality Mobile announced the availability of RealityVision version 2.5.3 that is capable of offering full support for videofeeds from the Verint Nextiva video management system.

According to company sources this will allow users to seamlessly tie into IP video feeds from fixed cameras connected to the Nextiva system from their mobile devices. This will enable them to monitor remote areas and also respond to developing situations. The integration of the two platforms forms a highly scalable solution which can be used in several remote monitoring solutions.
In a release David Kramer, president and chief executive officer, Reality Mobile said, "The integration of RealityVision with Nextiva will allow organizations with remote assets to enhance security and operational efficiency."
"Having the ability to capture and distribute real-time video, as well as control remote cameras to gather more useful intelligence, gives users of the system unprecedented visibility into their operations," Kramer added.
Also RealityVision integrates with Nextiva via a custom video adapter that provides both live and archived video feeds to any device connected to the network through RealityVision's secure server. Live Nextiva video feeds that support point, tilt and zoom controls can be maneuvered from devices connected to RealityVision's network, confirmed company sources.
Elan Moriah, president, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions and Verint Witness Actionable Solutions was pleased to announce the extension of the integration ecosystem with innovative partners like Reality Mobile. He pointed out that this will allow Verint to deliver comprehensive, best-in-class Nextiva solutions that help customers enhance safety, increase awareness and reduce risk.
RealityVision is built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on any wireless network including cellular and satellite. This will help enterprise users to visualize high value assets and data collectively with colleagues located anywhere on earth. Leveraging the RealityVision platform, users can securely transmit live streaming video and data from any source such as smart phones, high-definition cameras, laptops and desktops to any and all system users.
In effect RealityMobile has helped connect people, processes and technologies and geographies by providing applications that enhance an organization's situational awareness by allowing critical data to be shared and by GPS tracking, said company officials.
Reality Mobile is augmenting the capabilities of mobile technology by giving users access to video, data and expertise throughout their organization and the world at the push of a button. Using the RealityVision software platform users can access real-time, forensic grade video to connect with colleagues to proactively address problems and improve employee safety and security.
This also enhances incident response, loss prevention and other critical functions. The RealityVision Screencast feature allows users to stream any portion of a computer screen on an ad hoc basis to any user on the network besides sharing video, dynamic data visualizations and critical information instantly.

Shamila Janakiraman is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of Shamila's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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