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CallCabinet Introduces Advanced AI-Driven Conversation Analytics

March 14, 2024

CallCabinet released the latest version of its AI-driven call recording, conversation analytics, quality assurance, and business intelligence solution. With enhanced, customizable intelligence functionality, the update promises a more streamlined user experience, offering immediate access to critical data through section overviews and optimizing logical arrangements for improved intuitiveness.

This marks CallCabinet's commitment to providing businesses with compliant call recording and conversation analytics technology that goes beyond mere compliance. These technologies can be deeply leveraged across companies, enabling holistic business intelligence usage across every department.

With the Interaction Journey Visualization feature, its user interface has a more comprehensive and easily navigable view of each interaction within its platform. Users also get a detailed presentation of sentiment throughout a journey, incorporating actionable points and interaction summaries in a user-friendly format. Designed to expedite the evaluation of each conversation, it also allows users to make quick updates as needs and strategies evolve.

As part of the latest update, the platform also now facilitates dynamic conversations with data. Users can engage in intuitive queries, receiving immediate insights in a generative chat format. Preset questions or natural language input can be provided for query-specific interactions, simplifying the exploration of trends, detailed interaction dissection, and the unveiling of hidden insights.

CallCabinet is also offering Phrase Editor, which gives users control over keywords and phrases associated with questions in their QA scorecards. This enables companies to tailor their analytics to align perfectly with their unique business objectives, ensuring personalized measurement and interpretation of data.

“This iteration of our Conversation Analytics delivers a more focused approach for ease of engagement delivered right to our user’s fingertips. After deep collaboration with our customers over the last 12 months, along with the advances of AI, it was abundantly clear the direction we needed to continue going was to bring customization of these insights even closer to how businesses interact with their daily business intelligence,” said Craig du Plessis, Vice President of Analytics at CallCabinet. “Beyond a slew of exciting new analytics features, we've also given the entire platform UI a visual makeover, aiming for uniformity in style, a sleeker appearance, better narratives, and smoother user journeys. This update is about making data interaction more straightforward, logical, and configurable.”

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