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Barco Introduces ClickShare All-In-One Video Bar for Seamless Wireless Conferencing

January 25, 2024

Belgium-based Barco, a provider of meeting room technology, recently unveiled its latest innovation – the ClickShare Bar, a video bar designed for wireless conferencing in small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

The new device enhances the ClickShare experience by seamlessly integrating high-quality audio and video capabilities into one powerful solution.

Aimed at modernizing offices with video-first meeting spaces for hybrid working, the ClickShare Bar provides a future-proof solution.

Deploying the device is also super simple as only one device for an entire meeting room alongside a display. This reduces installation costs and minimizes points of failure.

“The world of work has drastically changed in the last 5 years, inducing companies to transform their workplace,” said Stijn Henderickx, EVP of Meeting Experience at Barco. “To meet the requirements for hybrid work of their workforce, organizations are re-envisioning their business culture, physical workspace, and technology investments. In that context, solutions to video-enable meeting rooms in a quick, efficient, and flexible way are a must for companies and their IT managers.”

Equipped with cutting-edge stereo audio and video features such as noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, speaker framing, group framing, and composition view, the ClickShare Bar guarantees an enhanced participant experience and ensures equitable engagement in hybrid collaborations.

The device is available in two models, the ClickShare Bar Core, which delivers essential collaboration features with high-quality audio and video, and the ClickShare Bar Pro, which adds advanced AI speaker framing, interactivity features, a wired room dock for 4K content sharing, alternative connectivity, and support for dual-screen configurations.

Barco also continues its commitment to eco-friendly products as the ClickShare Bar is carbon-neutral and embodies ecological design choices, higher energy efficiency, and responsible material use to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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