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Boom Releases MAGNA Pro Conferencing Camera, Backed by Intelligent AI Features

December 04, 2023

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

There are more than 50 million conference rooms globally; millions of video conferences are held daily, with 11 million video conference meetings per day alone in the U.S. according to Boom Collaboration. Having optimal tools (such as high-quality cameras and audio equipment) becomes paramount for maximizing the benefits of video conference meetings. The right equipment not only facilitates clear communication by capturing nuances like facial expressions and body language but also plays a pivotal role in driving productivity by ensuring a seamless and effective virtual collaboration experience.

For example, a meeting with a camera that does not live up to the standards of today’s modern tech can lead to frustrating and ineffective communication. Blurry or pixelated video output diminishes the ability to discern facial expressions and non-verbal cues. This poor visual quality not only hampers engagement but also undermines the professionalism of the interaction, potentially hindering the conveyance of important information and diminishing the overall impact of the meeting.

It is crucial to invest in good cameras for conference meetings. They enhance the overall effectiveness of virtual communication and promote a seamless exchange of ideas and foster a sense of connection among team members.

Boom Collaboration, based in Austin, Texas, develops conferencing and collaboration hardware solutions for a wide array of meeting environments. They know what is needed to deliver a successful videoconference.

That is why Boom designed a camera to deliver a high level of visual performance, backed by the latest intelligent AI features: the Boom MAGNA Pro.

Organizations can elevate their video conferencing experience to unprecedented levels with the Boom MAGNA Pro. Offering Ultra HD 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second and a 27x zoom, this camera ensures clarity and detail for participants in medium to large conference rooms. The high spec PTZ camera includes a 70-degree field of view and has been built for professional video meetings, conference rooms, training facilities, boardrooms live events and broadcast operations.

The incorporation of a Sony CMOS sensor guarantees better image quality, while advanced low light optimization ensures improved visibility even in challenging lighting conditions. With multiple video outputs, noise reduction capabilities, remote control functionality and support for multi-codec IP streaming, the Boom MAGNA PRO emerges as the go-to camera for those seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance virtual collaboration.

The Boom MAGNA PRO also comes with people and room zone tracking. Zone tracking is a feature where the camera will only detect someone in a defined space, such as when presenting.

“Intelligence is key,” said Holli Hulett, co-founder, Boom. “With AI real-time tracking, zone-tracking or full manual control, the MAGNA Pro offers a fully hands-on or hands-off experience for any live event or meeting.

The Boom MAGNA PRO is expected to be an indispensable tool that promises better meetings, simplified. It is set to transform video conferencing into a more immersive, efficient and enjoyable experience, contributing to the success and productivity of collaborative endeavors.

“Our mission is to make meetings better in a simple way,” said Fredrik Hörnkvist, co-founder, Boom. “This latest innovation is designed to upgrade the video conferencing experience and level up meetings and live events.”

Edited by Alex Passett



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