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Next-Level Networking: Explore EnGenius' Switch Extender Series

November 16, 2023

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Switch extenders are a popular solution for cost-conscious networking teams trying to balance technical needs with budget requirements and space restrictions. These devices extend an organization’s Ethernet network by boosting or repeating the signal so it can travel beyond the limit for Ethernet transmission over coax and UTP. And they are flexible, come in various sizes and offer features for many different applications.

EnGenius, a provider of connectivity solutions, launched its own switch extender series starting with the EXT1105P.

The switch extender family offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for simplified network infrastructure deployment. It enables efficient power delivery via Ethernet cables and eliminates the need for certified electricians during installation. Supporting a 60W Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) budget, it connects 3 to 4 Powered Devices, streamlining installation and reducing labor and component costs. Additionally, the switch extenders enhance reliability by eliminating essential components, resulting in a potential Mean Time Between Failures of 224,964 hours. This makes them reliable and long-lasting.

EnGenius will integrate its Switch Extender series with the EnGenius Cloud for streamlined network management. This unified platform allows administrators to oversee various EnGenius products centrally, reducing operational costs and enhancing efficiency. Simplified onboarding and configuration templates minimize deployment time and expenses, ensuring quick and hassle-free connectivity.

“The Switch Extender series is an innovative and transformative product line that empowers businesses with simplified installations, cost-effective connectivity and reliable performance,” said Roger Liu, Vice president of EnGenius Technologies. “This series underscores EnGenius Technologies' unwavering commitment to delivering efficient connectivity solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses across diverse industries."

The EnGenius EXT1105P Switch Extender presents an accessible solution for expanding and improving network connectivity across various industries. Engineered to address power and connectivity challenges, this device employs Power over Ethernet, or PoE, technology and features multiple output ports.

By eliminating the complexities and costs associated with network cabling and power wiring, it offers a cost-effective means to extend network reach and support essential business applications. The switch extender is equipped with five ports, with the first port designed for PoE input for power. Ports 2 through 5 support PoE with up to 30W per port, providing versatility in powering connected devices.

The device boasts a 10 Gbps switching capacity, which ensures efficient data transfer. The extender also facilitates remote monitoring and troubleshooting through quick-scan device registration, offering real-time system metrics, analytics, and remote configurations.

Cloud-based visibility and control allow users to manage the network from anywhere. Advanced features such as IGMP snooping for multicast filtering, Spanning Tree (RSTP) for network reliability, and Voice VLAN for rapid VoIP service deployment enhance the extender's functionality.

To summarize, the EnGenius EXT1105P Switch Extender is designed to make network expansion user-friendly, providing essential tools for businesses to extend their networks seamlessly and support critical applications.

The EXT1105P Switch Extender is scheduled to start shipping in the latter part of the fourth quarter in 2023.

Edited by Greg Tavarez



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