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Report Looks at the Future of Work: Update on Remote Workers

November 10, 2023

The way we work today has undergone a grand transformation over the last few years. Remote work is now a staple in the modern professional landscape, and it is becoming more widely accepted than ever before.

A newly released 2023 State of Remote Work report delves deeper into the experiences of 3,000 remote workers from across the globe. The study explored their perspectives on remote work, the advantages and challenges, and the essence of what it means to be a remote worker.

An overwhelming 98% of respondents said they desire to work remotely at least part of their careers, a slight increase from 97% in 2022. 98% said they would recommend remote work to others, and the majority of respondents (91%) said they have had a positive experience with remote work, with only 1% having a negative experience and the remaining 8% remaining neutral.

Key benefits of remote working, according to respondents, include flexibility (with 22% valuing flexibility in how they manage their time), 19% appreciating the freedom to choose their place of residence, and 13% favoring the ability to select their work location.

Diverse backgrounds and industries are all turning to remote work today. 53% of the respondents were employees, 43% were independent consultants or freelancers, and 4% represented business owners with at least one employee. It included 38% identifying as female, 61% as male, and 1% as non-binary. The report also included 9% of respondents with a chronic disability or illness, and 30% who identiefied as parents or guardians.

These remote professionals are in various industries and come from all generations, with millennials making up the largest share at 58%. The most prominent industries among remote workers are software/IT (41%) and marketing, media and publishing (16%).

Remote work also, as one would expect, presents challenges for workers. One in three said they find themselves staying home too often as they lack reasons to leave and leading to loneliness.

The other issue is setting boundaries between work and home life with 81% admitting to checking work emails outside of work hoursa and 63% doing so on weekends and 34% even while on vacation. In fact, 22% of remote workers said they feel unable to unplug from work and it is the biggest challenge in the remote work environment.

As we witness the continuous transformation of the professional world, it's evident that remote work has become a fixture, and its acceptance is certainly on the rise. With all of the benefits and flexibility it has to offer, the report is also a reminder that effective self-management and discipline are key to success. 

Edited by Alex Passett



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