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New Zyxel Promotion Connects & Protects Small Business Wi-Fi

October 05, 2023

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Zyxel Networks, a provider of secure, AI-enabled and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, has announced a new promotion to empower small businesses with robust Wi-Fi security. Set to run from October 1, 2023 to December 21, 2023, the promotion offers a three-year license of their Connect & Protect Plus (CNP+) security service for free with the purchase of its NWA110AX 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Dual-Radio PoE Access Point.

For small businesses that often hesitate to invest in comprehensive security solutions due to concerns about cost and complexity, this promotion's timing is perfect, in terms of better security. With CNP+, Zyxel Networks offers a way to ensure the integrity of your Wi-Fi network, safeguarding everything and everyone connected to it.

CNP+ filters out unsafe web content and malicious websites, preventing potential security breaches and the leakage of sensitive data. It also optimizes the Wi-Fi connection, helping essential business applications like mobile point-of-sale, online streaming, video calls, and voice calls run seamlessly.

With Zyxel CNP+ users gain a powerful suite of features that will enhance network security and management. It also includes an IP Reputation Filter which taps into a growing database of malicious IP addresses and works to help blocking unwanted web content and safeguarding against data theft and security breaches. In addition, unified management through Zyxel's Nebula Cloud Networking Solution makes it convenient and easy to oversee both business Wi-Fi and CNP+ security features from anywhere.

“Small businesses like coffee shops and restaurants often utilize simple Wi-Fi solutions, such as a router provided by a service provider, exposing the operation and customers to potential cyberattacks or network congestion,” said Shawn Rogers, Market Development Manager at Zyxel Networks. “Zyxel access points with CNP+ make it easy and affordable for small businesses to provide an added level of network security and, at the same time, optimize the performance of the network.”

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