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Verizon Business Boosts Fixed-Wireless with Enhanced Portal and Security

July 03, 2023

Verizon Business announced it is enhancing its fixed-wireless business internet service, introducing advanced security features and a cloud-based router management dashboard. The latest move means customers can manage performance, security, and visibility from a centralized location, enjoying remote self-service capabilities. The enhancements are available to businesses of all sizes without the need for additional installations or specialized IT support.

The Verizon Business Internet Portal is accessible from virtually anywhere via and using a customer’s existing My Business credentials. Using the portal, businesses have access to a range of features. These include performance monitoring and diagnostics for routers, critical network management capabilities, advanced settings, and bulk configuration management for businesses with multiple Verizon Business Internet lines. It’s also possible to better manage equipment for hybrid and distributed work environments.

To offer much needed security and protection, Verizon Business also provides enhanced security options through its Business Internet Portal. These features come in two tiers and can be added to LTE or 5G Business Internet plans. The Verizon Business Internet Security Plus tier provides essential security features like ransomware protection, phishing prevention, and malicious website blocking, along with security insights and reporting. The Verizon Business Internet Security Preferred tier includes all the Plus features and additional customizable protections such as content filtering, URL and IP address blocking, and advanced security configuration options.

With security measures at the Internet gateway, potential threats are intercepted and prevented from reaching end devices. The Portal also offers detailed logs and reports on blocked threats, allowing businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their security solutions in real time.

“With these enhancements, Verizon Business' fixed-wireless offering has never been more compelling or more distinguished in the marketplace. The Verizon Business Internet Portal and Verizon Business Internet Security make management and cybersecurity simple, easy to use and accessible for our business customers. There's no installation, no IT support, and no headaches, and users gain more control and better visibility into the security and performance of their connections and devices, all on one dashboard,” said Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business.

“Verizon Business Internet Security can benefit companies of any size. Large enterprises can secure vast deployments of equipment with an embedded layer of defense that can be activated immediately and seamlessly. But these solutions are especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, which don’t always have the resources or internal expertise to manage their security,” said Bhattacharya.

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